Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colton going Hollywood

If they do make a movie about Colton, They most apparent title would be 'Fly Colton Fly.'

It looks like two anonymous producers are hanging out around Camano Island in-order to catch a sighting of Colton.

"The company claims to have had a film crew in and around Camano Island since last week, with more footage to be shot tomorrow here in the city. (More on that later, hopefully.) The pretty obvious reactions they're getting from locals: "We just want this guy caught." No kidding."

Although Headlines are somewhat dry regarding Colton these days, other than investigators trying to haphazardly pin a shooting to him, people are waiting to follow this one out to the end.

Colton, if your out there, your fans have one request, don't get killed.

Colton Harris-Moore and the Media

​In the past week, two anonymous Hollywood producers have used The Daily Weekly as a carrot with which to lure Barefoot Burglar Colton Harris-Moore out of the upper Washington woods. It hasn't worked.

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