Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking Flight: The Hunt for a Young Outlaw

When the articles started showing up last year that this was the next big fugitive, Fans and skeptics a like knew that one day Fox would buy film rights for what is going to be the Frank Abagnale Jr of the modern day.

"Taking Flight: The Hunt for a Young Outlaw" - proposed by Bob Friel

Before he was suspected of stealing the plane, the kid had been just Colton Harris-Moore, high-school dropout, juvenile delinquent, and petty thief who sometimes left bare footprints at crime scenes. After he climbed out of the Cessna and disappeared in the wilds of Washington State—home of Sasquatch, D.B. Cooper, Twin Peaks, and Twilight—he became Colt, latest in a long line of gutsy outlaws to capture the world's imagination.

Those affected by Colton's joyrides are not thrilled about the prospect of a Movie glamorizing the teen; However, from an investigative apporach, similar to Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild about the life of Christopher McCandless, this film could give exceptional insight into the life of the "barefoot Bandit."

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