Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everybody wants a little piece of Colton

A Warrent issued in Nebraska, casting Speculation with goofball Michael Cera, and a grip of amassed charges where Colton is faceing a maximum 10-year sentence in prison if convicted. As the list continues to be added too, the speculation for the fate of Colton will increase until the drama is settled.

During Coltons first court appearance, which only lasted 8 minutes, Colton did not contest his detention while being read his charges in addition to being the primary suspect in nearly 80 crimes committed including the theft of five airplanes, numerous car thefts, several boats and numerous break-ins of homes and businesses. His next appearence in court will likely be after the Grand Jury indictment. For now, Colton faces time behind bars that is counterposed to his life for the past 2 years.

This does, however, beg the question, was colton really free when he was traveling across the country. Due to some of the reports and public records, the speculation of what prompted Colton is fixated on a broken home and family life. From a letter, Coltons mother wrote "This boy has had many disappointments all his life. His step father and our dog dies and this had severe effects on Colt and I." Colton was definitly running away just as much as he was running to. To what we can only speculate, freedom, adrenaline etc. But this simple fact of his home life begs our sympathy and our hearts go out to you Colt. Yet, we still applaud you for the tenacity and the intelligence (not necessarily wisdom) it took to do what you did.

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