Monday, July 26, 2010

Respect and Praise for Colton Harris-Moore

Attorney John Brown said he spoke with Harris-Moore for four hours on Saturday and found him to be "fascinating, intelligent and introspective."

He wanted me to give the message to the public that what he did was not romantic, that he shouldn't be a role model and he actually doesn't like the attention he is getting. - Brown

Over the past few days, much has turned up in the news relating to the subject of Colton being regarded as a 'Folk Hero' much to his own comments. In the quote given above from Colton’s attorney and many like it, we are seeing a different Colton than many people were probably expecting. From what it seems like, is that Colton himself would like for the image that the media and his fans have created to be done away with. As a fan, I think that Colton deserves our respect and way we may want to rethink the way that Colton receives the medias attention. One idea is to address the issue of Colton as a 'role model.' Colton’s did something that many kids dream of doing. Hijacking planes, boats, mansions etc. the life sounds exciting and thrilling. In reality, Colton was experiencing a much deeper psychological tension and the acts he did were irresponsible and without saying should not be repeated.

For any of the kids out there who think this is fun, it is not, He was scared to death most of the time he was on his lark, and he's concerned that kids will think this is fun. - Brown

With this in mind, what Colton did also took a lot of bravery and he deserves our credit for the intelligence that it took to learn how to fly planes without a license in addition to evading police while traveling from the Pacific Northwest to the Bahamas. Let us not be naive of the mentality that Colton was experiencing while he was on his 'lark,' but I think he still deserves our praises for his bravery.

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