Monday, July 19, 2010

Stay Tuned for Trial Updates: Colton Harris-Moore Arrested in the Bahamas

I know that this is late news, something that a 1 week vacation allowed me to miss but I wanted to report on it anyway. Now that Colton is in federal custody, there is sure to be a lot of negotiating as to his sentencing. From our standpoint, we have seen Colton get away with some amazing feats, and commandeering the powerboat was definitly not a dissapointmnet is his latest bout. As one officer put it, "it was like something right out of a movie."

Now all we can do is wait for what will happen next. Colton's mother has hired a High-Profile Seattle based Criminal Defense Attorney John Henry Browne for representing Colton in addition to a celebrity lawyer O. Yale Lewis to seek control of entertainment interests related to her son.

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